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Lolly and the Long Journey

Every now and then you hear of a heart breaking story about the lengths a pet owner have to go through for the love of their pet. This is one such story and we're so proud to have been a part in the long journey of Lolly the Frenchie, and her loving owner.

Please read their story below:

I wanted to share our journey with Lolly, our three year old French Bulldog.  From age one and half, she began losing her fur on her stomach. We could not work out why. We first thought it was the harness rubbing so we switched to a collar. Then we thought it was allergies of some kind , being an inside dog we could not work out what environmental allergies it may have been so we changed the dog wash as instructed by the vet. That didn’t help , so back to the vet we went.

The vet suggested we change her diet from Prime Dog Roll to hypoallergenic Royal Canin , her allergies were then worse than ever. Lolly has never been keen on her breakfast or dinners , sometimes she would leave her food for a whole day and night without touching it. We ended up at a second vet for another opinion. They recommended we start Cytopoint injections to help with the allergies but there was still no improvement with her skin. Lolly was always suffering from yeasty red paws , anal gland issues , ear infections and we felt like she was always having antibiotics. August last year 2023 the vet shaved a square on her bum to clean up a boil that had formed on one side from an infection and gave her a huge dose of antibiotics. That fur didn’t grow back until April 2024 when we started Doggy Delight Pet Roll.


In January we moved to Fernvale and with this we changed her vet. After consultation with the third vet they had said the same thing as the other two she had previously seen. This time she had flared up so badly she was shaking , shivering and wouldn't eat and looked like she was on death's door. We had no idea what happened, we immediately took her to the vet and they said pancreatitis and gave her a big dose of antibiotics . I was exhausted mentally and emotionally and just felt so defeated for her . A month later she was sick again, this time with a thick green discharge , I took her straight to a different vet (Fernvale Vet) and it turns out she has Pyometra…… That day she was in for emergency surgery to remove her uterus and all other female reproductive organs. I cannot thank Fernvale Vets enough for their love and attention to detail. 


After her surgery she would not eat the Prime Dog Roll and I was worried , I ended up buying a BBQ chook and she ate it instantly. 


The next day I went into Fernvale Produce Mitre 10. I was nervous to buy another food given all the issues we have had in the past, however the lady behind the counter recommended the raw dog food, made locally, called Doggy Delight Pet Roll. I chopped up portions for Lolly and offered it to her, without hesitation she ate it all. I then offered her it again for dinner and all was gone once again. This was amazing, I couldn't believe she would eat her food instantly. Lolly is so excited to eat her dinner now, and consistent with her poo, energy and personality.

After one month since starting the Doggy Delight Pet Roll, her fur was growing back on her stomach and bottom, and she was happier than ever. No more itchy red paws, no more bald spots. She is so fluffy and happy. I have my baby back ! 


Thank you for listening and thank you to your lovely staff member Nikki at Fernvale for recommending the Doggy Delight Pet Roll. I will be forever grateful! 

The owner has also included some journey pictures, (see below) to show the amazing difference that the Doggy Delight Pet Roll has made for Lolly.

Be sure to ask about Doggy Delight Pet Roll on your next visit to Fernvale Produce Mitre 10.

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